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Top 5 Creative Shower Rooms

Shower Room Interior

A shower room design must welcome users to cleanse, de-stress and wash away the worries from the outside world. It is the perfect opportunity to get creative and make the most of the space provided, no matter how big or small.  This article will serve to describe 5 amazing shower room designs, all of which have features that can be applied to your commercial environment. Narrow Yet Functional This contemporary design makes excellent use of a narrow space while providing a sleek, professional appearance. The rich mahogany slats create a flowing, minimalist aesthetic for added sophistication and a sense of luxury….

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Washrooms: exploring colour palettes


When decorating our own homes, most of us will spend a great deal of time considering the colour scheme to make sure it complements the rest of your home seamlessly. However, when it comes to commercial buildings, it seems that this is a long way down the list. Most commercial buildings have washrooms which are functional, to say the least, and the colour scheme is often either a very plain white or a combination of whatever dark colours are left over from the rest of the building. This can often create a dull and gloomy place to spend time, causing users…

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Questions to ask your washroom designer


Planning a new washroom can be fun and exciting, and calling in a professional washroom designer to take charge can be greatly beneficial, but there are a number of very important points and considerations that need to be covered first. These range from making sure you are hiring a good reputable contractor, to carefully considering the construction, furnishing, décor, and appliances. Hiring the right person for the job Firstly, when hiring a contractor, you have to ensure that they are experienced and have the right skills for the job. Just because they have a good website, does not mean that the…

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Gym Changing Rooms: Keep it Light

Spectrum Interiors

Following an intense workout, the thought of a cool shower and changing into some fresh clothes is the main thing occupying any gym-goer’s mind. However, a darkly-lit changing room can make getting ready for a gym session and changing afterwards very difficult tasks. This article will serve to explain the importance of having efficiently-lit gym changing areas and the positive effect it can have on individuals and the business as a whole. Some of the most successful gym chains pride themselves on the luxurious appeal of their changing rooms, providing light and clean facilities for all their customers. For such an…

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Lockers: practical AND stylish, can it be done?

Benching and Lockers in Changing Room

Typically, lockers are used for practicality purposes as a means of storage and security and, because of this, many do not realise that this piece of furniture can deliver on style as well as efficiency. Rather than opting for something that will visually complement the rest of the building and create a sense of character, many stick with the standard equipment which delivers on functionality but not on style. In a commercial property, durable and safe locker facilities are crucial to guarantee the belongings of occupants and visitors are secure when left in a separate area. They vary in size, purpose,…

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Creating a Contemporary Shower Room for Your Gym

Shower Cubicle Design

Choosing the perfect type of shower cubicle for your commercial property can be a challenging task to fit with both your practical and style requirements. Whether used by staff or by the public, having enclosed showers is vital to maintain both a private and hygienic environment. Here at Spectrum Interiors, we offer three high quality shower cubicle ranges to guarantee we can cater to any requirement. These are: We design and install all of our cubicles to fit with the necessary specifications of any commercial building. Our qualified technicians and engineers are all fully trained to carry out safe and efficient…

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Don’t Forget Interior Design When It Comes to Washrooms

Bathroom Vanity Unit

In commercial properties, the toilet facilities are used every day by both employees and visitors and, as such, are a representation of the company’s ethos. In any industry, it is imperative to provide clean, high quality washroom areas that are both functional and stylish. Selecting the perfect bathroom vanity unit will automatically set the tone of your commercial property, no matter what kind of business it is. Finding something that is unique to you can seem like a challenging task but there are more options out there than you might think. To help you find the ideal vanity unit to fit…

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Spectrum Interiors – Welcome to our News page

Spectrum Interiors

Here at Spectrum Interiors, we like to keep our customers and the general public up to date with any news from the industry or within our own operations. That’s why we have decided to include our own posts on this site, rich with information and hot off the press. Whether it is changes to procedures and the laws within which we work or handy tips to help you and your premises, you will find it all here in our monthly posts. Make sure you bookmark this page and keep checking back for unique insight and news each month.

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We can help your staff keep safe

During these unprecedented times protect your staff with our Acrylic Transparent Protection Screens. Ideal for Reception and waiting areas to create a safe barrier between Staff and Patients or Customers.

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