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Colour Swatch Downloads

Colour Swatch Downloads

At the core of every interior design project is a drive to create space where clients are satisfied and employees are productive. It’s true that company culture is strongly affected by interior design and, of course, a bespoke interior will have customers coming back for business time and again.

In other words, the environment where you work influences how you work. To enhance a space or simply refresh it, you’ll need choice materials and the right craftspeople to execute your vision.

Spectrum Interiors are here to help, not just with materials decisions, room plans and delivery: we’ll transform any commercial space to reflect your team and company values. We combine bespoke logos, colour palettes and photography to form a unique creative vision. That’s why we offer customisable options, alongside our standard ranges of premium quality cubicles, cladding, surfaces and more.

View our case studies or call our team on 0800 030 6041, to begin transforming your work space.