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office fit out

What to Consider When Renovating an Office

Posted on by Spectrum Interiors

An office refurbishment can be a large investment for your company, so it’s important to get it right the first time around. Sounds daunting, but with a little know-how and...

offices in city

How to choose the right office space for your company

Posted on by Spectrum Interiors

With the average office building lease lasting 5-10 years, it’s a crucial decision where to locate your business. The perfect premises should balance all of your chosen criteria evenly, so...

Some of the most current topics that Spectrum Interiors have been helping schools with this year

Posted on by Spectrum Interiors

Spectrum Interiors have been helping schools since 2002 to adapt and improve school interiors for both students and staff. We keep up to date with government requirements so give schools...

Academies Show at the NEC 22nd November 2017

Posted on by Spectrum Interiors

Spectrum Interiors is proud to announce our attendance at this year’s Academies Show at the NEC, Birmingham on 22nd November. We were so excited by the palpable buzz in the...

school washroom

School Washroom Regulations: Explained

Posted on by Spectrum Interiors

The importance of hygienic, private washrooms for persons of all ages cannot be overstated. From school children to office workers, everyone deserves a sanitary facility that they can use without...

Privacy: What You Need to Know When Designing Public Toilets

Posted on by Spectrum Interiors

Catering to one of the most basic human functions, the provision of washroom facilities is something that needs to be thought of in nearly every public building and space. However,...

health in the office

Designing an Office with Health and Safety in Mind

Posted on by Spectrum Interiors

The average office worker spends 40 hours per week in the workplace, so creating an environment that is comfortable and safe for everyone is essential. As the employer, it is...


School Toilet Cubicles: Specifications and Ranges

Posted on by Spectrum Interiors

We promote high quality facilities for adults and children alike here at Spectrum Interiors, working closely with a range of industries to provide versatile solutions to suit every customer’s requirements....

How to Make Your Clients More Comfortable in Your Reception Area

Posted on by Spectrum.Team

When a client or potential client visits your office, making a great first impression is essential for creating a positive experience. That’s why your reception area should represent your business,...